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Hotline. Feel free to contact us:
+49 2932 47598-01

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When modernising hotels, we are your ideal partner for efficient and economic rebuilding measures. Due to our easily and quickly processed authentic stone veneer (for all areas except floors) and our permanently water-resistant plastic decoration boards we are able to perform your modernisation within a fraction of the standard time required. Hence, we are able to minimise the time your rooms are unoccupied.

Overview of your advantages in hotel modernisation:
  • quick and efficient rebuilding times
  • contemporary and up-to-date design
  • very simple processing

We would like to discuss with you in person our options within the scope of your rebuilding. Please, contact us.
Especially when modernising WC/baths we are able to provide the complete rebuilding/service from a single source.

Our scope of services
1) Designing and planning
First of all, we create the design concepts and the technical drawings for the bathrooms and for the pre- installed components.

2) Assembling the components
Pre-assembled elements reduce the construction times essentially and gives more flexibility in time scheduling. While the shell of a building is under construction we begin with the assembling of the steel frames and the pre plumbing in our factory. The modules include all the necessary supply and waste pipes, fittings and cut-outs.

We deliver the units, packed for every room with all the necessary accessories, just-in-time to the building site. Now, the elements only have to be fastened by our teams of skilled technicians.

3) Finishing of the interior
Finally, our qualified and experienced installers complete the work.
We execute all the assignments which are necessary: dry mortar free construction of tiling, plumbing and heating.

Overview of your advantages:
  • Full WC/bath modernisation from a single source
  • No removing of old tiles needed
  • 100% moisture-resistant, hence, absolutely resistant to deformation
  • easy and quick cleaning (due to few joints)
  • very short processing times
  • scratch-resistant (resistant against microfibre cloth)
  • Pressure resistance certificate (University of Applied Sciences of Münster)
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