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Hotline. Feel free to contact us:
+49 2932 47598-01

wall design with very thin and flexible veneer like authentic stone surface
Our very thin and flexible veneer is an authentic stone surface. The environmentally friendly production helps to gain many wafer-thin slate sheets from the most beautiful slate blocks of this world. The stripped sheets ...
floor boards made of authentic wood, stone or plastic
Our exclusive clip-system floor boards can be limitlessly joined, providing as limitless application modes. They are slip-resistant, footsure and very durable. We provide floor boards made of authentic wood, stone or plastic ...
timeless bath design in highest quality
Timeless elegance is combined with highest-quality design. The products of this line enhance your bathroom with its great looks and the best German quality and turn your bath into a showroom ...
hotel modernizing with efficient and economic rebuilding measures
When modernising hotels, we are your ideal partner for efficient and economic rebuilding measures. Due to our easily and quickly processed authentic stone veneer and our permanently water-resistant ...
Partner for home designs, wall designs, wall decor, bath designs and hotel renovation for timeless elegance.
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